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You Got Questions, We Have Answers!

Ohemgee, they’re so rad!! They’re all designed by seriously real professional graphic designers, all lead by our creative lead: Caroline “Giggle” Winata. We make sure that they’re snazzy and oh so stylish, you’ll never see a cheesy prop leave our shop! All props go through quality testing and have no sharp edges so you don’t poke an eye out. All our props are up to date with the current trends and will make you stand our whether it be on your social media or in a photo booth. We care how you look, we got you boo. Damn they good lookin’

All our PVC props are printed with the highest quality UV inks. Caroline is so super picky about making sure our prints are spectacularly on point with her graphic design background and all, so you can be sure that we have the best printing out there! Real printing, real inks!

Our laser cut props are rad, I mean have you seen them? Designed and printed in our very shop, we are keeping it super local and super close to our hearts. All of our wood props are made out or baltic birch, 100% USA and all hand made, what gets better than that? 

We heard they’re gluten free too!

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

Our PVC props are made out of super durable 5mm PVC.  They’re really hard to break! True story: Caroline got hit in the head with a PVC prop, her head was ouchie, the prop was A-ok!  We tested multiple printers and PVC and finally decided on a material that we found to be the hardest and most durable out of all the other photo booth props out there. Trust us, we did test it! Hey, we got mad love for all the other shops, don’t get us wrong, but we strive to the best atelier out there. We got lofty goals!

Our laser cut wood props are all made out of the highest quality birch wood. California born and grown, you can bet they’re organic! Amazingly durable and good looking too! It’s just a rumor but we hear that if you put it to your ear, you might hear the sound of the woods! 

We ship out within 2 days, shipping takes 3-5 business days depending on where you live. International shipping will take longer. Please expect a slight delay during busy holiday, expos or sale times. You can upgrade to faster shipping but rest assured we don’t use carrier pigeons or anything! Although we might start training delivery owls, eh Hedwig?

Dude, come on down! If you bring some vegan and gluten free pastries, you might have Caroline loving you forever. Bonus, if you bring dog treats our 5 studio dogs might give you big fat licks! Call us ahead to make sure we are in our shop!

Call us, tell us your story, we will see what we can do or upgrade to the fastest shipping available!

Sorry man, our props love to find a permanent home, so no take-backs (unless one of them experience an ouchy and broke along the way)! 

Oh my gosh, blush, blush. We try to be the best for you guys out there, and we are seriously on a mission to rid the world of boring and cheesy props. So with your love and support, we just wake up trying to be rad every single day for you guys!

And Now, The Truly Important Stuff...


RBF, our working warehouse cat


Wait, why can't we have both?


We are hopscotch masters! Some of us are really good in badminton too!


Antique flea markets


Chocolate lava cake and ice cream


It's called Giggle and Riot Funbooths!